Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love You, Goodbye!

No, I’m not saying this to a boyfriend or a potential romantic partner nor am I referring to the movie produced by Star Cinema for MMFF’09. I’m dedicating this line to my 2009 Belle De Jour Planner. I loved this planner so much that I wrote about all of the good and the bad things that happened to me in year 2009 on the pages of this thingie. I also like the chic and girly design and illustrations which make it a refreshing change from the typical and outright boring planners that we often find in school supplies sections of department stores or in National Bookstore branches.

Every now and then, I get this urge to look back in the past and I always have a great time reading the entries in my planner. The BDJ planner has so many interesting features that make it really useful especially for the busy Pinay. Among all these, I find the menstrual tracker feature really useful lol. I also liked the articles that were  included as each new month was ushered in.

As year 2009 will end in two days, I am now on a look out for a 2010 planner. Do you have any suggestions? Do you think the 2010 BDJ planner is a good buy?

Thanks pips!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i haven't had a BDJ planner yet...
though i'll try to look into it because it seems like such a cool planner.

all girly & cute!

sorry if im not able to leave comments though..
these days are like the busiest for me!

hope you'll have a happy new year's eve!
& a great start for your 2010

LADY JOAN said...

ooooohhh! planners!! i am addicted to planners! definitely one good buy for 2010.. :) where can i get those?

PuRpLe PaTcH said...

sis lady joan,

i bought mine from an online seller... BDJ planners also have discount coupons pala of several establishments included kaya sulit talaga price... its around Php 590+ if I'm not mistaken.