Friday, February 26, 2010

Joining the BB Bandwagon!

I'm hooked! After 48 years, I was finally convinced (by dear friend Zai) to join the BB bandwagon. In fact, just this month alone, I was able to acquire enough BBs to last me years. 

Care to share to me your choice BBs sisses? I am presently loving Skin Food Peach Sake. I only have a sample of it. It is the one contained in the round plastic container. I'm getting a full-size soon. 

Gloria Gloria!

Sorry girls for not having new posts the past two weeks. Been busy with work. 
Anyway, just want to share one of the most memorable events in my life. 
How many girls have stood inches from the incumbent President of the Philippines? Not many, I'm sure. 
I am lucky I'm one of them. I even got to shake her hand :)

Sorry for the blurry pics. They were taken from my phone. The PSGs were so pesky I did not have any time to take decent pics. Personally, I am not a fan of GMA but I was still enthralled and starstruck when I saw her. She's a lot prettier in person than on TV. Her makeup was fabulous despite the non-elegance of the affair. (I'm sure she has a plethora of MUAs for that lol.) 


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zoom In On: Nars Blush in Luster

I’m so crazy with Luster. I love this so much that I am contemplating on getting a back-up of this soon. It’s shade is unique and quite versatile and I love that there is not that many dupes of this shade unlike Orgasm. Just like other Nars blush shadesw, its shimmery finish is so subtle that it would not overwhelm one’s face. I was compelled to get this when Lucy Torres recommended this particular shade in her Phil. Star column. (It’s obvious that I regularly read her Wednesday column noh?)

In addition, my online research revealed that Luster would be really flattering especially to those with lighter skin tones. Madly, a shade that is similar to Luster, is said to be more flattering to those with darker skin tones. By the by, I am happy that I found this because it provides me with an alternative during those times when I don’t feel like wearing the more common peach-pink blush shades. 
I was not able to take pictures of Nars Luster swatches but I will leave you with an FOTD. Trust me, its shade on the pan may look like blah but it really is gorgeous when appplied on the cheeks. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zoom In On: Smashbox Fusion Eye and Cheek Color in Heat Wave

Smashbox is one of the brands that are sold in Beauty Bar. Reviews for the Smashbox brand are varied. Some claimed that it is overrated and that its makeup products are not that spectacular while others say that their items deserve the not-so-friendly-to-the-wallet price tags.
Net Weight: 12 oz. , 3.4 g
Shelf Life: 12 months

This review will center on the Fusion Eye and Cheek Color which I initially liked because of the versatility of the palette. This includes three complementary shades that can be individually used as eyeshadows or blush. A blush brush can also be swiped across all three colors to create a nice blush shade.
  • This features a screw-type lid cover. This is an advantage because it ensures that it would not be accidentally opened keeping the product that it housed more securely.
  • The lid also has a clear glass on its surface which makes it easier to glimpse the shades in the palette. (Would be especially helpful if you have more than one versions of this)
  • The shades are designed to complement each other so no need to fuss about whether or not they can be used together. 
  • When used as eyeshadows, they have decent staying power. Based on experience, they lasted for about 4-5 hours on my not-to-oily lids with only an eyeshadow base used with it. Among the three, I like using the third shade, the most pigmented one, the most. I also use the uppermost shade as an all-over lid color. 
  • Very travel-friendly packaging. 
  • Does not have any bothersome scent.
  • The lid cover can be very inconvenient to open as it features a screw-type design. This is especially so when you are in a hurry or if your hands are both occupied.
  • Except for the lowermost shade, pigmentation is so-so. 
  • Poor staying power when used as a blush. However, this might last longer on gals who stay inside airconditioned rooms most of the day. 
  • The item is small making it a bit difficult to swirl one’s blush brush on it. 
  • Fall-outs can be seen when dipping a blush or eyeshadow brush on it.
  • Almost as expensive as MAC, which has better e/s and blush. 
Thanks chicas!Ciao!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Zoom In On: Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

Concealers are a staple in every makeup-loving girl’s stash. These are especially handy when we have zits or blemishes that we do not want to take centerstage in our faces. They are also the instant solution to even out discolorations in the facial area like the undereyes and the sides of the nose to create a flawless look. Contrary to what many think, it is a pain-in-the-arse to look for a concealer that works.

For the last six months, I had been using Laura Mercier Undercover Pot.

Here are the things that I like about it:
  • features two types of concealers, Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer; both formulated to conceal undereye circles, blemishes and scars 
  • very easy to blend 
  • consistency of both concealers are not too dry and not too gooey or creamy 
  • relatively long staying power (about four hours max, but bear in mind girls that I am not trapped in an airconditioned room when I work). It probably would last longer for girls who stay inside their offices. 
  • very chic and compact packaging with two compartments, the upper one contains the concealers and a mirror and the bottom compartment for the loose powder that is used to set the concealers.
I don’t like that:
  • its packaging requires that its user bring a separate concealer brush for application
  • the design of the concealer compartment is not very hygienic since the entire contents of the product gets exposed to air, dirt, and other undesirable elements every time the lid is lifted. 
  • the concealer shades are now too light on me huhu A beach outing last month made me a shade darker. I haven’t used this lately since I don’t want to sport a reverse-raccoon eyes look at work.
I love this concealer kit but I could not say that this is my HG. Simply because I haven’t tried too many concealers yet.

Ciao! Hope you find this review helpful.