Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanks 2009!

As Year 2009 comes to an end, let me just share 12 things that I am truly thankful for this year:
  • The good health of my parents and my two younger brothers. My mom was diagnosed December last year with Diabetes and had been maintaining Levemir insulin injections since then. I am thankful that God gave us the means to be able to maintain these medications. While her diagnosis was not exactly good news, I am happy that her condition was detected before any serious health complications could set in. I am the only girl among three siblings and I am very close to my parents. While we are not rich, I have always felt contentment that my parents never failed to give me all the things that we needed. When I hear of stories of child abuse on TV, I always whisper a prayer of thanks that I have parents who never even once laid a hand on me as a form of physical punishment.
  • The opportunity to live again with my parents and be a witness to their lives. In the past, I have always insisted in working in Cebu coz I wanted to live independently. This is why I am very happy that this time, I listened to my parents and worked in our province after spending so many years in Cebu where I studied in a college. Since I’m a parasite, I now have more money to spend on things like makeup, clothes, and shoe wear. What’s even better is the fact that cost of living here is less expensive than in any of the other places I have been to. 
  • My “Alex.” It’s now almost seven years since we hooked up but we are still as crazy for each other as we were back in 2003. Whenever I have unanswered prayers, I would always tell myself that it’s okay because I have him. He more than makes up for all the heartbreaks and disappointments I had encountered in my life. 
  • My job. Since I graduated back in 2003, I have never EVER stayed with any employer for more than 2 years. It had been 1.5 years since I worked for my current employer and I’m hoping to break the curse with this one (and I have a good feeling that I will lol.) Where I live, people consider the institution I work for as very reputable and this I was able to prove while working on a case documentation for the CSR projects of Ayala Foundation Inc. Also, my job allows me to wear makeup to work without making me feel so overdressed lol. 
  • Respect and Friendship of Colleagues. It is uber flattering to be trusted and respected by people who have already established good reputations in our place. Despite being practically a newbie, I am glad that my colleagues think that I am capable of handling bigger responsibilities. I am also thankful for all the trainings and seminars that I got to attend (in Bohol and in Cebu) as a representative of our institution. 
  • MBA degree. I am now a Feasibility Study away from graduating with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I’m also in the running to graduate with honors. My school is no Ateneo or La Salle but hey, we are a Level 3 PAASCU Accredited Institution. That’s just one level lower than the Big Three Universities in the country. And I get to graduate in toga, an experience I didn’t have when I graduated in elementary, HS, and college. 
  • Joanna, Vanessa, Kathy, Aging. For keeping in touch all these years and for allowing me to be there in all their ups and downs. These people breathe life to the word “friendship.” As early as now, I have already made up my mind that these fine women shall be among my bridal entourage. 
  • My Prulife U.K. Premium Fund. I’m glad I decided to invest on this since I really need to spruce up on my long-term savings. Aside from being an investment tool, this also offers an insurance shield feature should I be diagnosed with any serious medical illness. 
  • Renovation of our house. After more than two decades, our house finally got a much-needed facelift lol. We now have a newer, more durable steel roofing which I hope would weather another two decades. And what’s more? All of us now have brand-new rooms that we can use. 
  • Facebook. I admit I am among the last to jump into the FB bandwagon (joined only last Sept.) I’m thankful that I did because it allowed me to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a long time. 
  • My makeup stash. These babies make me happy every time I see them. My mom would always remark that I have more than enough and that these would take a lifetime for me to use up. Still, I can’t seem to stop myself from buying more.
  • My Blog. As of this writing, I already have 18 followers. This number might be puny compared to the others but I’m happy and flattered that these beautiful people chose to follow my blog.
P.S. I am not posting this entry to brag or whatsoever. I only want to acknowledge and show my appreciation to Bro through this blog for all the blessings he had given me this year.