Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zoom In On: Mary Kay Crème Lipstick

This is the second Mary Kay product that I am featuring. The first one that I reviewed is their liquid foundation. For a direct selling brand, I am impressed with the products of Mary Kay. My aunt used to give my mom (and she would give them to me lol) some MK goodies before and I was not really able to appreciate their quality not until I makeup items from the other brands. One of the MK products that I really love is their Crème lipsticks. The first shade that I got was Toffee. I got this shade because this would be my go-to lippie when I’m not in the mood to wear pink on my lips (pinks dominate my lippie stash). 

I like the packaging of their lippies coz I find it elegant. The upper surface of the caps has the shade of the lippie displayed so we would be able to tell the shade without having to open the caps. It is similar to that of Nyx only that for the latter, the shade color is displayed on the bottom of the packaging. The brand name “Mary Kay” is then printed in the interior part of the tube. I find the casing really classy. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it seems tad heavier than my other lippies.

As their line of lipsticks is crème lipsticks, this is really moisturizing. I never experienced drying of my lips whenever I wear this. It also feels smooth upon application and I feel that it would just glide on my lips. It is pigmented when swatched on hand but I noticed that I would still have to apply this on my lips two to three times to be able to see the shade clearly. Maybe my lips are just very pigmented. This lasts from three to four hours on my lips and sometimes longer esp. when a long-wearing lipgloss is applied on top on it. 
Now, would I still buy another MK lippie? Yep, I will. In fact, I just bought another one. It’s shade is Shell Pink. A review of this will be posted soon. At Php 650 a pop, these are really great lippies that won’t break the bank.

P.S. I am not in anyway affiliated with Mary Kay. Except for my aunt (who lives in another province) who I mentioned in this entry, nobody in my family is a member of MK. I am not also paid and contacted by any MK member to publish this. Needless to say, I am raving about their products because I genuinely liked using them. 

Thanks ladies! 


Nina said...

Toffee looks amazing on your lips!

I do hope you get the package tomorrow! I tracked it and it is in Bohol already. :)

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