Sunday, May 5, 2013

I am not one who keeps with a beauty routine in the long-haul. In fact, I own countless beauty products I use only during the first few days I have had them and forget about them after some time. Lately however, I find myself hooked with something I never thought I’d like. So tada! I’d like to introduce the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil.  Initially, I did not like the idea of slathering oil all over my body as I can imagine how it can make this oh-so humid weather all the more unbearable.  When I first applied this however, I loved how it left my damp skin feel softer and the scent was wow! It smelled so delectable. It smells of freshly baked cookies without being so cloyingly sweet. I swear it's a stress reliever for me. I apply this only in the evenings immediately after my nightly baths because I got scared of using this during the day. I don’t know if it had been scientifically proven but apparently, use of body oil is not the best thing for those who have invested so much on skin whitening. For the record, I have not invested much on it but I just don’t want to risk it as the tanned look does not really suit me.
The Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Oil, according to its makers, contains brazilian nut oil and almond oil which locks in moisture after daily showers and makes the skin naturally radiant-looking. I cannot vouch for the latter but I do feel that my skin is a lot softer to touch now. This body oil has a thick consistency so try not to dispense much from the bottle for every use. A little goes a long way for this product. I have been using this daily for almost two weeks now and I have truly seen how effective it is in diminishing skin dryness especially in my lower extremities.  

The Vaseline Body Oil is a cheaper alternative to the much-raved about Neutrogena Body Oil.  Perhaps, when I have developed greater appreciation for body oils I’d be encouraged to try to thrice more expensive Neutrogena but for now, I am loving  this. I don’t know until when I’d be using this given my tendency to stray from any beauty regimen consistency but for now, this baby really gives me little doses of happiness every night. 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Item was purchased by blogger. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Older but Hopefully Better Me c:

I have been mentally reviving this blog for the longest time but unfortunately, I haven't done much to make that a reality. It's been more than a year since and boy, it truly feels good to be able to blog again. Since my last post, a lot had happened but I, more or less, still like the same things. I've mellowed down a bit where makeup is concerned and I am no longer as impulsive as I used to be. Career-wise, I'm still stuck (sounds negative?!) in the same job for about five years now but I'm happy because I'm feeling the love in the workplace and my almost five years-in-the-making MBA degree is a bit closer in sight now. I'm still as in love as ever with the love of my life and my family still remains to be my inspiration to become better at everything I do. 

I wanted so much for 2012 to end fast because that was hell of a stressful year. This year will be a major turning point in my life because I have resolved to finally make BIG decisions this 2013, choices that will determine how the rest of my life will go. All those questions which I have long procrastinated in answering should have answers by this year. 

And so, I'd end this post with a cheerful note and optimism that things will go exactly as I wanted it to be. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choi

I'm back! It's been such a long time since I last blogged. I feel happy because I am able to squeeze in some blogging time in between all the tasks I need to complete. Ever experienced knowing you have a lotta things to do and since you don't know which to do first, you end up doing less urgent stuff like Facebook-ing (guilty!), and bloghopping? This is one of those times. 

Before anything else, I'd like to greet everyone a wonderful "Happy Chinese New Year." I'm kinda happy that this day was declared a non-working holiday because it allowed me to have some needed time off from work.  

 I was so excited for this year to begin since I really wanted to fast forward 2011 then. So far, it's been a really challenging start of the year for me. I'm harboring a lot of worries and skepticism in my mind that I can't seem to focus on the things that I need to really work on. Nevertheless, I am happy because despite all the not-so-nice stuff life has thrown at me, I still have with me the people who matters in my life, and that for me, is what matters most. What makes me even more worried were the forecasts that this would not be the best year for those who were born during the Year of the Dog (me!) :(  Hopefully, with prayers and good acts, I would be able to turn around whatever nega vibes the stars have in store for me this year. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love Gifts

I was so delightfully surprised when my boss texted me one night asking if I'd be in the office the following day. She said she'd be leaving some stuff for me in my table. My heart skipped a bit when I saw this.  
I immediately used one of the Wet N Wild lippies and to my surprise, I actually liked how it looked on me. You see, I usually would wear light pinks and you would barely see lippies in my stash that have hints of red. It was a bit drying though so I had to put lip balm as well as lip gloss on top. In terms of staying power, this stayed on my lips the entire time I was out so happy, happy! I also love the Revlon Creme Gloss in Cherry Tart. Will do a more thorough review of some of these items next time. 


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bantayan Island!

I've been out of the blogosphere the previous weeks. Spent time off with boyfriend who just finished his medical internship, last week in Bantayan Island in Cebu. It's definitely one of the most relaxing places I've been to albeit the long and tiring travel to and from the scenic island. For those who are looking for a travel destination that is less commercialized and busy than Boracay, you might want to consider this place. That is if you haven't gone to Panglao in Bohol yet LOL (Yeah, I'm biased!)


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trinkets & Stuff c:

Aside from makeup, I'm also fond of wearing fashion accessories. Out of this love, an online shop is born. Please click this Facebook page and "like" it if you love what you see. Feel free to leave me a message if something catches your fancy. Thanks sisses c:

See more exciting stuff by clicking the above link. Thanks!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Gushing at Canmake Sheerness c:

Because I frequent sites that allow me to interact with other makeup addicts, my awareness about makeup and makeup brands have thoroughly expanded in the last two years. Now, I know that Shu Uemura is more expensive than Revlon or Loreal. The average person would not have known that. In fact, where I live, nobody would appreciate MAC as much as the drugstore brands I have previously mentioned.
I also learned from these online sojourns that Japan makes some of the best cosmetics in the world. That seems very believable to me since I know how Japanese people are sticklers of perfection. I now understand why many girls became obsessed with Japanese makeup brands, even the drugstore ones. Among the more popular of which would be Canmake. Fortunately for me, I was able to try two of their products, the Cheek Gradation Blush and the Cream Blush (will review soon).
The Cheek Gradation Blush I have is 01 – Pink Stripes. As you can see in the pic, it includes four strips of blush shades in quilted design in a clear plastic casing. From top to bottom: Dusty Rose, Muted Hot Pink, Bubblegum Pink and a Highlighter with pinkish hints. I’d say this is a good buy since it would be just like having four attractive blush shades. My favourite would have to be bubblegum pink. It looks frosty on pictures but it is not so once applied on the cheeks.
These blushes are sheer. For someone like me who has gotten used to pigmented shades, I apply several layers to achieve the usual effect. Despite that, it looks very natural. I like it since it’s a blush that would be very difficult to overdo. I also notice that this does not oxidize on my skin. 
These are not locally available though but some Multiply stores might carry this in their product line-up on pre-order basis. According to Babyjap, this is sold at Php 750.00 through WeHaveIt43. Moreover, this might suit those with fairer complexion  though as its sheerness might be a challenge for morenas to apply.  Even as I like this, I like the cream blush better as I find it prettier on me. Also, this does not show up much on my cheeks lately since I have gotten dark due to recent beach outings.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eye Candy: Milani Quads

To those in the know, Milani stands out as one of the better drugstore brands in the US. It's not as heavily promoted worldwide as Revlon or Maybelline but their products are definitely worth keeping (especially if you are the sort who would NOT want to break the bank just for MAKEUP!) Among the brand's most popular products would have to be the eyeshadows. I discovered this because an online friend gave me a Milani eyeshadow quad palette as freebie for something I purchased from her. It was then when I learned how great these are. In fact, many of these eyeshadows (esp. the single e/s) are identified as dupes of the more expensive MAC e/s. Yes, they are that pigmented and vibrant!
I was so satisfied with THAT freebie that I got myself two other palettes. Hope I'd be able to score the other palettes too. I swear after discovering Milani e/s, I never felt compelled again to buy another Revlon (which I find expensive in the Phils.) or Maybelline e/s quad.
I have the Earthly Delights (Top), Sedona Sunset (Bottom Left) and Autumn Earth (Bottom Right) palettes. I chose these because they had shades that will complement my usual work clothes.
 I was only able to take swatches of the Sedona Sunset palette though. I will work on getting swatches of the others as soon as time permits :P  In my opinion, this is a decent and practical neutral e/s palette.  It includes a highlighter, two shimmer eye shadows, and one with matte finish.
And did I mention that each of these are sold at only Php 140 in Ebay?! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lemming List :P

I like anything makeup-related but these two just won't let me sleep :P I hope I'd be able to get my hands on them. Thankfully, a friend is going to the US two weeks from now. I hope she'd be able to get these for me :P

1) Korres Vitamins and Ginger Foundation

I've been reading only positive reviews for this foundation. I think that I can make it my daily foundation since it is said to be lightweight. Great alternative for my Mary Kay Medium-Coverage liquid foundie.
According to Sephora website:

Ginger & Vitamins Foundation SPF 10
What it is:
A lightweight, water-based foundation that is packed with vitamins to balance the skin.
What it does:
Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation provides sheer to medium buildable coverage, a creamy finish, and SPF 10 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum sun protection. This brand favorite contains ginger to tone and clarify with Antioxidant Vitamins C and E to prevent visible signs of aging.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Mineral Oils
- Petro-chemicals
- Propylene Glycols
- Ethanolomines
- GMOs
- Synthetic Dyes
- Synthetic Fragrances
Size: 1.35 oz

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

Sephora Website Item Blurb:
Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush
What it is:
A long-wearing, solar-baked blush that lasts up to 12 hours.
What it does:
Infused with natural clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun, this nutrient-rich blush benefits all skin types for a fade-free flawless finish for an amazing 12 hours. Inspired by Tarte's best-selling shades of cheek stains and lip tints, the colors range from soft to vivid to suit a wide variety of skintones. For oily skin types, Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. Those with dry skin will benefit from the clay's nourishing and hydrating properties, which naturally restore skin's moisture. Combination skin types can rely on its ability to zero in on skin concerns and deliver benefits to restore complexion harmony. The result? Blush that wears better, longer, and truer!
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan
What else you need to know:
This blush features the following Skinvigorating™ ingredients:
- Vitamins A and E, two natural preservatives that act as anti-inflammatory emollients and protect against free radical damage
- Vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radical damage and prevents oxidative stress and premature signs of aging, while brightening the skin
- Amazonian clay, a nutrient-rich, multitasking, skin-balancing clay that reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin clarity, elasticity, firmness, and texture while removing oil from the skin's surface for smooth application and wear
Size: 0.2 oz
A common denominator of these two is the fact that they claim to be natural and paraben-free. This definitely ups their ante for me :P Keeping my fingers crossed that I'd have these this time next month :P

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fave Inexpensive Pink Lippie

The problem about me being a makeup addict is the fact that I never get to finish up any makeup item. This is because I always find myself buying the next blush, lippie, or foundation that would pique my interest and of course, would fit my budget. It is therefore, to my amazement, that I am now almost done with a certain tube of lippie that has unexpectedly become my favorite. During my blog hiatus, I had become addicted to MAC lippies but when I got bored with them, I let go of them. The lipstick I am featuring in this blog entry, I can say, is as great and as moisturizing as the more expensive brands that I have tried.
Behold Colour Collection’s Skin Care Series Moisture Intense Lipstick in Sheer Pink Pearl. This is my most often used lippie these days. Why? Because the shade is uber flattering on me and I find it very moisturizing. It does not dry my lips and has a slight sheen finish.
I have always been partial to pink shades because I think they make me look younger. I like how pink this shade is. Not too pale and not too bright either. The shade is also buildable which is a plus factor for me since I also have those days when I don’t want to call attention to myself. It does not have any overbearing scent too. I liked this lippie so much that I bought two back ups of this when this line was still on sale. I also got another shade, Sheer Dainty Peach, as an alternative shade to this. Its retail price is I think just around Php 350-400. I got this on sale at Php 275. By the way, Colour Collection cosmetics may be purchased through Tupperware agents / personal sellers.
Staying power is okay. It stays on my lips for more than four (4) hours but then again that might just be because I don't have that habit of always licking my lips. This is not much of a deal for me though because I always retouch regardless of the brand.
I am glad that Colour Collection has stepped up on its makeup lines. In fact, I like their lippies better than that of other brands in its price category. Another lippie of this brand that I like is the Vintage matte lippie which was hyped to be the lippie Bea Alonzo wore in “Magkaribal.” Personally, I think the shade is not the same one but that’s just my opinion. In the next pic, I am wearing Sheer Pink Pearl topped with Vintage. The latter is matte so I often apply something to my lips first before I apply it.
What’s your favorite inexpensive pink lippie?