Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zoom In On: The Body Shop in Blushing Daisies

The Body Shop or, “TBS” as the girls on GT would simply refer to it, is known for their outstanding skin care line. They also have a makeup line that has many kikays gawking at. I got to know the brand because years before, I knew of somebody who was really in love with the brand’s cheek and lip tint (but some girls said that the new formulation for this dual tint is no longer as good as the one before). Too bad I was not yet into makeup at that time. I was however, in love with their shower gels. I remember that I always gifted my doctors with these back when I was still a med rep.

I only have one TBS makeup item in my stash and this is their blush/highlighter compact in Blushing Daisies. Here are some of my thoughts about this:


• Size of the compact is really big. IMO, almost as big as a 1 and ¾ of the Loreal Blush Delice.
• The palette has a very attractive design. Based on the accompanying pics, you will see that the blush and shimmery highlighters are made to appear as flower petals. The red bit at the background is the blusher while the white and gold flowers are the highlighters. 
• Very pigmented especially the blush part when swatched. It goes on sheer, however, when applied on the cheeks. 
• Its blush does not have a matte finish. The finish is a cross between satiny and shimmery. 


• The shade of this particular blush may not be always suitable for daytime use.
• I find the texture of the blush kinda weird. It feels somewhate spongy.
• Compact does not have a mirror and an applicator. 
• I’m not sure if it is still locally available. I checked TBS’ website and did not find this in their current list of products. 
• Expensive IMO considering that it is not a mainstream cosmetic brand. 

I want to try TBS’ Perfecting Foundation and Brushes but I think I’m gonna wait till they go on sale again. What other TBS goodies do you highly reco? 

Thanks ladies!