Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zoom In On: MAC TLC in Pink Fish

I have read positive reviews about MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioners (TLCs). So, when an opportunity to acquire this item was dangled before me, I immediately grabbed it. I got Pink Fish, one of the TLCs in the Hello Kitty Collection launched last year. Retailing at Php 850, this is actually value for money considering how huge the container is. I also love the trademark vanilla scent that it has. Scents in lip products do not really bother me. In fact, I have grown to love MAC lippies because of their distinct scent. The vanilla whiff is even more pronounced with the TLC.

Pink Fish is often described as a sheer milky pink shade. Personally, I thought it was too sheer and looked rather pale on my lips. I think this would have been perfect if paired with really intense, vibrant, or smokey eye makeup. Unfortunately, that is not characteristic of me. Therefore, I only used this primarily for moisturizing my lips and not really for aesthetic purposes. As for its moisturizing properties, I find it rather at par with that of Burt’s Bees and Venus & Mars’ Smooch lip balm, both of which are significantly cheaper than the former.

When this was fairly new, I made sure to bring this daily. However, I soon observed that this had become one of the least used items in my makeup kit. Why? Because you would need to use a lip brush for this. Well, you could also dip your pinky on it but I find that unhygienic. I actually have a lip brush that I bring daily but unfortunately, using it for touch-ups is such a hassle for me. Now I understand why many beauty bloggers wished that its packaging be changed.

Truth be told, I have not been that impressed with the Pink Fish TLC. However, I might entertain the idea of purchasing another one in the future. This time though, I will choose a more vibrant shade. Despite the so-so experience with this item, I am so grateful to my online sister (ZM, I heart u sis!) for giving me the chance to try this.