Sunday, January 3, 2010

Zoom In On: NARS in Super Orgasm

Happy 2010 ladies!
For my opening salvo of the year, I am reviewing one of the Nars blushes I purchased in 2009. The past year had been so busy that I have been neglectful in regularly posting entries.

I got the Nars Super Orgasm because I wanted to see for myself how it fares against its sister, Orgasm (which also happens to be my Holy Grail Peachy Pink blush). Moreover, I also was motivated by positive reviews of some beauty bloggers who liked it better than its predecessor. In fact, many consider it as the Orgasm for those with darker skin tone.
This review will not dwell on the general characteristics of Nars blushes since I already reviewed two other shades namely: Orgasm and Taos. So I will no longer be talking about the packaging or the price of this baby. This entry will focus more on the shade and all other things that make SO distinct from the others.

On sight, I liked what I saw. In my eyes, its shade seems to be pinker than O, which is not actually a disadvantage for me. I was kinda intimidated by the glitters though. The pics I took will show you that the glitters in SO are in fact chunkier than O. These are very easy to shake off though. Simply tap your stippling or blush brush off if you don’t want most of those glitters on your cheeks.

Honestly, I could say that SO looks more flattering on me than O. However, I do not get to use it as often as O because those glitters really make me hesitant to wear them during daytime. I’m afraid that whoever I will be talking to at work would be distracted by the glittery chunks plastered on my face lol. IMO, it is the perfect blush to wear on a night out with friends or on a date with your special someones.

 In addition, you might also want to be more careful with your brush with SO because it seems to be a little more crumbly than all the other Nars blushes I have tried. I mean, the powder does not seem to be compactly packed on the case so expect many powder fall-outs when you dip your blush brush on this. The chunky glitters of this blush can also be a pain in the a** as it sticks to the rubberized packaging and can be a challenge to remove. In terms of pigmentation and staying power, I give this blush (and all Nars blushes it seems) my two thumbs up.



Khymm said...

you're right about the glitters sticking on the casing, but surprisingly when I use SO walang glitters sa face ko! Its like O pero medyo pink sha.. I love SO compared to O! =)