Monday, December 7, 2009

Zoom In On: MAC Viva Glam Warm Lip Palette

You are a certified kikay if you are familiar with MAC ( Makeup Art Cosmetics). After all, this brand is known for its quality products ranging from lippies, lip glosses, foundations, brushes and eyeshadows. While it may not carry the most affordable makeup products, its items are of top-notch quality that for many, buying MAC items are likened to making good investments.

My most expensive MAC purchase so far was a MAC Viva Glam lip palette that features a lip gloss and two lipstick shades from the Viva Glam collection. It came with a mini lip brush that can be used for application. I bought this after being so impressed with the MAC lip varnishes (Polish Me Pink and Speed Demon) which I bought latter part of 2008. The Viva Glam collection was one of the brand’s most popular collections and many were raving about the lippies as they were deemed to be the most appropriate and flattering to use especially in special occasions and events like weddings.

I found the casing of the lip palette very attractive. The maroon red metallic container etched with a Victorian design really appealed to me visually. It took weeks before I first used this as I was contented with just looking at it. I like the texture of the lippies as it is very moisturizing. Pigmentation is also super as only few swatches are needed to make it visible on my lips. I also like the brand’s trademark vanilla scent.
While I generally like this, the shades of the warm palette were not really on top of my list as I tend to veer towards pinks. I also found this very inconvenient to use especially when I’m on the go since this would require that I use a lip brush. Nonetheless, as pricey as it is at Php 1,800, this is very cost-effective as it is like buying two MAC lipsticks and one MAC lip gloss at one time. I am however entertaining thoughts of selling this and buying MAC lippies instead. I am referring to the ones that are encased in bullet-shaped casings that can be easily used even when I’m mobile. Care to give me recos on what MAC lippie shades to get?



I have let go of many of the blushes that I listed in the past. But I have also acquired new ones since then. My NARS blushes have now grown from one to six. My most recent purchases were Deep Throat and Taos.  I also got a new Cargo in Mendocino which I got at such a bargain price. Hay naks! I hope I’d get over this blush obsession phase soon.


Gem said...

I recommend MAC lipstick in Angel :)

Khymm said...

you are not alone sis.. blush phase ako ngayon waah!!!

Pammy said...

Coolness! You have Taos and Deep Throat na! :)

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