Monday, December 28, 2009

Esme Floyd’s 1001 Little Beauty Miracles

A colleague of mine gave me this book about two months ago. I did something for him while he had to go to England to present his study. He gave this to me after his two-week stint abroad. I’m so touched by the gesture because we don’t really talk much. He probably noticed that I’m always made up at work so he chose to give me this. I’m actually glad that he did because I really learned a lot from this. So, if I don’t have time to compose blog entries, I’m thinking of posting some of the beauty tips from this book.

The book’s publisher is Marks & Spencer. Author Esme Floyd is a freelance writer specializing in beauty, health and lifestyle subjects and contributes to numerous UK publications. She has also consulted on television documentaries for Channel 4, Discovery and BBC.

Book Summary:

With direct remedies for beauty problems as well as advice on everything from make-up application and skin care to antiageing and fake tanning. 1001 Little Beauty Miracles offers short, simple ways to improve and maintain your natural good looks. It includes helpful hints for such beauty quagmires as tweezing brows, disguising blemishes and making thin hair look luxuriously thick. Even if you’re an ungroomed, nail-biting, hair-yanking, exercise-phobe, these corner-cutting ideas will set you on the path to looking your finest with the minimum of fuss.



Khymm said...

that book looks nice Em! Lucky you!