Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am addicted to NARS blushes. If I'd win the lottery, the first items that I would buy would be all of this brand's blushes. It was the extremely popular "Orgasm" that got me hooked. I recently acquired three more of these blushes namely; Super Orgasm, Matahari and Luster. Should be posting reviews soon. For the meantime, i'll leave u with teaser pics of my new babies.

Ciao ladies!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stash Staple: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Compete UV Wateright Lotion

I used to be a non-user ( and a non-believer) of sunscreens. I’m not used to wearing one in all of my more than two decades on earth. The only time that I would be compelled to apply some is when I’m beachbound. Other than that, nada! Just plain moisturizer on my face. I was convinced that applying one is just another tedious process that would make my primping sessions all the more lengthy.
However, gone are those days. The turning point was when I saw a high school friend with age spots slowly appearing on her face. She said that she was advised by her derma to use sunblock regularly as her job is field-based. From then on, I had been slathering sunscreen all over my face and neck a good thirty to forty five minutes before going out. I browsed the GT forum and several blogs to help me decide which sunscreen to buy. I’m fortunate to have stumbled upon the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Compete UV Waterlight Lotion. I am liking this over the Nivea Facial Sunblock that I first used. I prefer this because unlike typical sunscreens, it does not make my face sweat like crazy. It does not feel heavy on the face too. In fact, I’d often forget that I’m wearing a sunscreen. It is also very easy to spread because of its watery texture that does not take too long to dry. Its finish is velvety making it ideal for daily usage. More importantly, it offers a broad spectrum coverage which makes it very effective against both UVA and UVB. It also makes use of its patented Helioplex technology which I understand would make it stable enough to protect against UV rays. For more about the benefits of using Neutrogena, read this.
Notice the sorta watery texture of this SB.
How it looks like after spreading
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Compete UV Wateright Lotion with Helioplex SPF 50+ PA+++ . 30 mL. 
Approximately Php 460.00 Available in leading dept. stores nationwide.
Directions: Use at the end of your skincare routine after moisturizer as a superior daily blocker. Suitable for use as a makeup base. Shake well Before use.
The only problem I have with using this ( well, for all sunblocks, in general) is that I would sometimes rub it on my eyes causing me to become teary-eyed. When I do, I’d end up rubbing my eyes all the more, removing also my eye makeup. But then again, this does not happen too often so it’s not a biggie. I am now about to finish my second bottle of Neutrogena Waterlight. And while I am pretty satisfied with this, I would very much like to try other brands as well. Care to give me any suggestions?  


Spotlight : Benefit Coralista

This is my first attempt at reviewing any makeup item. Therefore, my descriptions and POVs may leave so much to be desired. But hey, there is always this learning curve to consider ( when everything seems so difficult during the first few tries but becomes a breeze when we get the hang of what we do). Any suggestions would be very welcome though J I would also like to apologize if you may find the photos lacking in quality. I’m digicam-less as of this time so I had to utilize my decrepit camera phone. Among my makeup hauls for this month is Benefit’s Coralista. I first learned of this particular blush from ShadesofU. After reading her review, I was hooked. I swore I will do anything to get one for myself. So, I asked my US-based friend to buy this for me. You could only imagine my excitement when I got this after what seemed like 48-years lol. When I unwrapped this from its shipping wrapper, I was initially disappointed. I expected it to be bigger than its actual size based on the photos I saw in several blog reviews. 
Benefit Coralista
Benefit Coralista ( when opened )

Item Blurb ( from Benefit’s official website):
Why we love it: Our warm coral-pink cheek powder is your "coral blush for a tropical flush"! This shade cheers up every skin tone in seconds. What else you need to know: Complete with soft, natural-bristle blush brush.
Product details: 
12.0g Net wt. 0.42 oz.

Swatches of Benefit Coralista:

I tried to take decent photos of the swatches I made of Coralista. I’m not sure though if you can see it clearly. The color was actually evident when I swatched it, proof of this blush’s superb pigmentation. These photos did not really do justice to the beauty which is Coralista. It might have had something to do with my phone’s inferior camera settings and the poor lighting. I took these photos while aboard a fastcraft to an undisclosed destination.

Benefit Coralista on my right cheek. Don’t mind the lines under my eye and the unwaxed upper lip lol.

Notice the incredulous look of the passenger seated behind me when he saw me camwhoring lol. My face seemed shiny in this pic. Must be the lighting. I was seated in the front part of the vessel.

Close-up of yours truly sporting Benefit’s Coralista.
Thumbs UP:
  • Staying power is superb as compared to many blushes that I’ve tried. Based on experience, this stayed put for as long as 6 hours.
  • Cost-effective in the long-run because of its staying power and pigmentation.
  • The shade flatters my skin tone. ( I’m quite fair with predominantly yellow undertone.) IMO, I find this shade rather unique and distinct from the other blush shades that I have. The perfect combination of pink and peach.
  • Larger in size compared to its equally expensive counterpart, Nars.
  • As is characteristic of Benefit items, this comes in a very cute and refreshing packaging.
  • It has a scent that is rather distinct yet unoffensive.
  • While it lends a subtle shimmer to the face, it is so unlike OTT shimmer blushes that will make you look like you've been decorating the gym for a party with gold and silver 
    dusts on your face.   
Thumbs DOWN:
  • The accompanying brush is TOTALLY USELESS. Sometimes, I don’t bring the brush and its plastic compartment anymore as I don’t like using the former.
  • It’s packaging (box) is rather bulky therefore, inconvenient to bring along.
  • Not locally available.
  • Expensivo in terms of initial cash-out. Typically costs $25 to $28 ( around Php 1,200 – Php 1,600) exclusive of shipping.
I don’t see myself buying another Benefit Coralista in the near future despite the fact that I love it. Why? Because I’m sure it would take forever before I hit pan on this. By then, I'm sure Benefit would already come out with better blush offerings. As cited earlier, this is unavailable locally and I’m quite unwilling to shell out more moolah for another one. But then again, I’ll gladly accept if somebody decides to give me one pro bono lol.
Ciao! Thank you and I hope you'd find this review helpful.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Contest: Shades of U

One of the blogs I religiously follow, Shades of U, is having a viral giveaway contest. I bought my MAC Viva Glam Warm Lips Palette, Benefit Coralista blush, and Cargo Louisiana blush because they garnered such glowing recos from her. (Gee! I'm actually giddy. This is the first time that I'm joining such contests lol). I hope that there really is such a thing as a "beginner's luck".

I am so excited to present this MAC Giveaway for The Shades Of U followers and subscribers!! This contest is open to everyone eighteen (18) years old and older worldwide. Take a look at the prizes in store for the winner (all items are brand-new, untested MAC products):  
1. Blackware glimmerglass  
2. Blackfire glimmerglass  
3. Blingblack glimmerglass  
4. Black Knight cremesheen lipstick  
5. Blue Flame mineralize eyeshadow  
6. Cinderfella mineralize eyeshadow  
7. Wisteria eyeshadow trio (Dame Edna collection)  
8. Kirsch mattene lipstick 

It is easy to join. 

First of all, you need to be a subscriber or follower of this blog, either via Twitter, Blogger or Google Friend Connect, RSS Feed, Facebook or e-mail. Also, this is a viral contest, so you need to post a link to this blog contest or a link to The Shades Of U homepage, on your blogs (Blogger, Vox, Livejournal, Xanga, etc), forums you visit, or social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, etc). Re-tweeting on Twitter or sharing this link on your Facebook account fulfills this requirement. One post about this contest is enough to become eligible. Then come back to this blog entry and fill in the form below, answering the question "How Are You Subscribed to The Shades Of U?", and including the link to your blog/forum/social network post about The Shades Of U or the contest.  

For more questions about this contest, click this link.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Upcoming Posts

I recently acquired these two blushes. I will leave a review of these raved- about items after I have used them for at least a week. Benefit Coralista NARS in Matahari Tata!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Yeah, I know. I've been MIA for some time now. Somehow, life got in the way. But I promise, once I get our broadband connection up and running, this blog would have more updates ( and hopefully, more traffic lol). xoxo ;