Friday, January 15, 2010

Zoom In On: Avon Soft Mousse Blush in Peach

I am usually iffy about using cream or mousse blushes for three reasons. One, I find them difficult to apply and blend nicely on my cheeks. Second, most of these beauties do not come with brushes or applicators as they can be applied using the fingers. This is something that I do not like doing since they usually leave my fingers stained. Third, they expire earlier than the powder-based versions.

I decided to give mousse blushes a chance when I read about the many raves in GT about the Soft Mousse Blushes of Avon. Since they cost less than Php 300, I thought it was rather harmless to try it.

I got the two shades of the mousse blush. These were Apricot Flush and Peach. The first one, according to my research, is more suitable for morenas while the other looks better in people with fair or light complexions. I retained the latter and gave the AF to a friend who I thought would look great with it.

Here are the rest of my thoughts about it:

Thumbs UP:
Ø Pigmented – One or two swipes of the Peach Mousse Blush would show up on my cheeks already. Great for those days when you don’t want to look too made up.

Ø Staying Power is Great – As consistent with this type of blush, it stayed put for hours.

Ø Makes a Good Base for Powder Blushes – I have tried using this as base for some of my powder blushes and it made the shades more vibrant and long-staying.

Ø Affordable – Cheap plus you get so much product for its price. I have had this for almost a year now and I still am not halfway through this item’s contents.

Ø Does Not Stain – With application of fingers, I noticed that this does not stain especially if it is no longer new and it has lost a little of its mousse consistency. Though it leaves discoloration on one’s fingers, it can be easily wiped off using a hanky or wet tissue.

Thumbs DOWN:

Ø Don’t like the packaging. – It is quite heavy since it is contained in a glass container. The mouth of the container is also rather small which I imagine would be inconvenient for those with large fingers. The same is also a problem if one decides to use a brush as it can be very difficult to dip the latter to pick up any product.

Ø Smell – The smell, for me, reminds me of the smell of a thinner which I used back in HS when I had to make some art projects.

Ø Dries Out – The mousse seems to have dried up a bit after some months have lapsed.

Ø Unhygienic – Since we have to dip in our finger or brush to get any product, this can be easily contaminated with bacteria especially if we don’t make it a point to wash our hands before applying makeup or if we don’t regularly wash our brushes. It is precisely for this reason that I don’t include this in my kikay kit as I don’t like using this outside of my house.

So would I buy this again? I don’t think so since I don’t get to use this much. I am more comfortable using my powder blushes.