Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sally Hansen in Wild Life

Last October, I went through a blush phase. During that time, I was able to buy at least 3 Nars blushes a month until November. In December, pressed powder and pressed foundies were my thang. This explains why you saw brands like VMV, T.LeClerc, etc. in that month's haul. This month, I think I’m going to forget about everything else and haul nail polishes like crazy.

Blame it on the nail polish I recently acquired last month and my Nail Polish of the Week (NPOTW). Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Wild Life is LOVE! Such a gorgeous color. I am not very good at describing colors but I would have to say this is a mix of fuchsia and purple. I am so liking this bold and striking color as I think it made my hands look fairer. I also find the color very unique as I have not seen this shade or something similar to it elsewhere. I am also loving the fact that I feel my nails can still breathe despite the NP applied on them.
I only had it yesterday so I am going to check if it would stay put for at least a week as the brand harped lol. It seems appropriate too as I get too busy during weekdays that I don’t think I would have time to change my nail polish. If it chips during the middle of the week, I would have to remove them all nalang. I don’t like looking at chipped nail polishes. I’m going to try the AMA polishes next as these were highly recommended by Sis Martha.

Note to Self: I should make it a point to grow my nails since I realized that nail polishes look so much better if the wearer’s fingernails are longer.

I confess I am not very good at applying nail polishes. I suck at it. I tried to last week and did a very rotten job. The only thing that I successfully did was waste NP, acetone and cotton balls. I rely on our resident manicurist for great-looking digits since she comes to our house every other weekend. But I know I would have to learn to apply NP myself if I want to be able to change nail polishes anytime I want to. So for now, I would have to stalk the blogs of Nikki and Thiamere, and drool and be amazed (and envious lol!) about how good they are with nail polish application.

So, any recos on what Nail Polish I should get next?
P.S. Now I understand why some girls would spend Php 450-650 for a bottle of OPI, China Glaze, or Orly NP. Superior din talaga quality nila over Caronia and other local brands (no offense meant!) if SH was an indication. This is under the assumption that those are better than Sally Hansen (which truly impressed me!) as many nail polish gurus claim.



Nina said...

That color indeed looks amazing on you! I'm glad you liked it! ;)

herroyalbleakness said...

This NOTD is so dainty Ems! color suits you!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i think it looks nice,sis!
me too..i hate it when my nail polish starts chipping..lalo na when im not at home.
that's why i make sure that i have the same color of polish on my bag just in case..

although most often, when i put nail arts, hindi maiiwasan..hehe

i think since nagstart ka palang, try buying polishes that are not that expensive...The face shop polishes are Php100 or sa OPI etc...
i think the Etude House polishes are not bad naman..

gaya ng sabi ni sis nikki, its better to invest in top & base coats

Thanks for the shout out,hun.
nagblush naman ako