Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Hair!

I had always wanted to have my hair rebonded. The thing was three years ago, one would cost us an arm and a leg. Now, perhaps due to heavy competition, it is no longer as financially prohibitive as it used to be. I wanted so badly to have my hair rebonded because my hair is naturally wavy and since my hair is shoulder-length, it tended to fly away. The frizzy appearance is another problem altogether. I wanted to have it rebonded last year but the salon attendant advised me to wait till my hair would grow past my nape.

Last Saturday, I went to Cebu to spend the weekend with The BF. Fortunately, he had the entire weekend off from internship duty (he’s a 4th year Med student in Cebu Doctors) so at least we had time spent with each other before our lives return to normalcy. Aside from our couple time, I made sure that I fulfill one of the things that I had long wanted done, get a hair rebond. NOW, I am really really happy with my crowning glory.
lol nakakaloka ang background... the grocery was a floor below 
the salon and i had to buy some snack items to take for my return trip. 
the first ever pic of my new hair.

Thanks ladies!
Care to suggest a hair care regimen that would be appropriate for rebonded hair?


Askmewhats said...

I believe Kerastase makes great product for Rebonded hair! :) The Oleo Relax :)