Monday, January 25, 2010

Zoom In On: Nars Blush in Matahari

Matahari is my first matte blush from Nars. I remembered falling in love with a pic of this gorgeous blush when I read about sis Aileen’s Nars blush collection. When I saw this sold through, I immediately placed a bid on it. I was initially reluctant to buy this because matte blushes are very easy to dupe IMO. Moreover, local companies like Ever Bilena, SanSan, and Fanny Serrano are now stepping up and have come up with better powder blushes that are comparable to imported brands. To date, I don’t have any other matte Nars blush. I am planning to buy one though next month. If you have to know, I have set my heart on getting Desire soon.
On to my review of Matahari. This shade is described by Nars in their website as a rose petal pink shade.I have to admit that this is my least-used Nars blush. In fact, I would even forget that I have this. I don’t know why but Matahari oxidizes on my cheeks after I have worn it for several hours. Particularly in the afternoons, this would turn into a purplish shade that would resemble a bruise-like color. Much to my dismay, this no longer seems to flatter my predominantly yellow-toned complexion. Nevertheless, this has not discouraged me from getting more Nars blushes this year!



oOchaOo said...

nice review sis! madami nga akong kilala na nag oxidize yung mata hari sa kanila :p

go get desire sis :) and review it heehee nsa lemming list ko din siya!

Sush said...

hmmm..Ive always wanted matahari din. maybe I should try it first before buying hehe

Khymm said...

sayang it oxidizes on you.. its a pretty shade pa naman.

blacksparrowchirps said...

R, if you'll decide on selling it soon, text me first ha.. hehehe.. but i'l test it first basin mag oxidize pd sa akoa.. ;)