Monday, April 11, 2011

Spread Love not Germs :P

I worked as a medical representative some years ago. One of the habits I have developed since then is that of washing one's hands every time there is a need to. Before, I was always with a rubbing alcohol since I would feel iffy every time I’d touch door handles of clinics or hospitals. Yeah, I had been and still am obsessive compulsive this way. I think I had always been like this even back in college. I remember that my cousin and I are always armed with Bench sanitizers every day in school. 

Fast forward to now, I’m still like that but I have now graduated to gel sanitizers because unlike rubbing alcohol, they do not spill easily inside my bag. The former are also way more fragrant than the latter and have more moisturizing properties too. 

Currently, I am (and I think almost everyone) hooked with the Bath and Body Works Pocketbac sanitizers. Wow! These babies never fail to perk me up.  They make hand sanitizing something to look forward to.  I have also purchased some pocketbac holders  so I could bring one of these everywhere without having to dig up through all the chaos that I dump into my bag. Unfortunately, these are only sold through PX stores and online stores. They are sold in a local department store in my place but I find the price too expensive. Luckily, my cousin works in New York so I always ask her to get me some of these babies.

Retailing in the US at $1.50, these are usually sold locally at Php 80 to even as much as Php 99 (in our local store) each.

My favorite would have to Sea Island Cotton, Japanese Cherry Blossom, White Citrus, Orange Sapphire and Blue Chiffon of the Cupcake collection. 
What's yours? 


Shopcoholic said...

ang dami naman nyan sis Em! hehe.. alcohol spray lang dala2x ko inside my bag.