Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zoom In On: Obagi Nuderm Sunblock in SPF35

The most recent summer had got to be the sunniest. I remember always feeling exhausted during that time perhaps because of the humidity and heat. If there was one good thing that came out of that episode, it would have to be my strengthened devotion on sunblock LOL. Yeah, I wear facial sunblock but not very regularly because well, I get lazy. I am always rushing to work in the mornings that sometimes I intentionally skip applying it because it would set me back by a few minutes. Since summer, however, I have been faithful to these UV shields to the point that I’d feel guilty and restless when I don’t apply them.

Last year, I reviewed the Neutrogena thinking that it was the best that I could ever get my hands on. Boy was I wrong! Because it does not hold a candle to the sunblocks that I am currently rotating. Unlike Neutrogena, these do not sting my eyes and they dry faster too (which is a must if you are always in a hurry like me). My current sunblock arsenal is comprised of Mary Kay SPF30 Sunscreen, Shiseido Gentle Sun Protection Lotion for Sensitive Skin and Babies SPF 30, and my Obagi Nuderm Healthy Skin Protection SPF35. 

I will review the Obagi Nuderm Healthy Skin Protection SPF35 first as I use this more often than the other two. My review perhaps can be summarized by two words. My HG. As in Holy Grail. At 90 mL, this takes forever to consume. I’ve been using this almost every day since March and I am still halfway through the tube. Personally, I use just a little of it every application as its consistency is not runny unlike other sunblocks although beauty enthusiasts contend users should not skimp on using sunscreens. It leaves a whitish cast a few minutes after application but this only last for a few minutes. When it gets dry, it can serve as a good makeup base. It is also unscented which is another thing that I like about it. Just like Shiseido, it does not have that typical sunscreen-y scent that I associate to the smell of a thinner.
Item Blurb:
Active Ingredients : Octinoxate, 7.5%, Zinc Oxide 9%
Inactive Ingredients: Butylparaben, cetearyl alcohol, citric acid, diethanolamine cetyl phosphate, disodium edentate, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropyl palmitate, methylparaben, octyl stearate, phenoxyethanol, polyether, propylparaben, purified water, sodium hydroxide, triethoxycaprylysilane.

This sunblock is not widely available however. By this I mean that we cannot just buy it in any random department or drug store. In fact, I was only able to buy one with the help of a friend who considers this her HG sunblock too. It retails at $46-53 (approx. Php 2000) Yeah, I know. Not cheap noh? Good thing my friend gave me a generous discount for this.

What’s your HG sunblock?