Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zoom In On: Nyx Blush in Expresso

One of the American drugstore brands that had successfully made a dent into the makeup lovers’ consciousness is Nyx. The hype surrounding this brand started with the round lipsticks. Along with this rising popularity came the public’s awareness of its other product lines. Among the most raved would have to be their powder blushes. I was able to acquire two of these babies namely, Expresso and Pinky. This post will be more about Expresso.
Let me start this review with the generic characteristics of these blushes. Compact has a squarish shape with rounded edges. Case is transparent so the user can actually take a glimpse of the blush shade without having to open it (very useful especially when one’s blushes are stuffed with other). My only gripe with the packaging is that the print on the case would eventually fade away especially when it is often used. 
As to the blush itself, I’d say that it may be at par with the more expensive brands when it comes to pigmentation. To my combination skin, it also lasts relatively long (especially Espresso). If I put it on early in the morning, I would still see hints of it around lunch time when I’d usually retouch. The blushes are silky-textured. This is not the typical “kaskas” blusher so there is no need to be exert extra effort to get product to one’s brush. I also like the quilted design of these blushes since I find it very feminine and unique. Moreover, for its price, this is a good buy. It retails $6 in the US. Online sellers sell these blushes at Php 400 – 450. If you are based in Cebu, there’s a small stall in White Gold that displays Nyx stuff. I remember seeing Nyx round lippies and blushes when I went there. The blushes were only Php 250 at that time.
Expresso, as a shade, can be described as brownish with a hint of pink. This is a great shade for contouring. This is perfect if you want a refreshing alternative to the usual pink blush. I imagine this shade will be popular especially during the summer season as it can complement one’s tan very beautifully. It can warm up one’s cheeks making it very versatile and suitable for different skin tones.
The only downside for these blushes is the fact that they can be very powdery or loosely pressed, I should say. Blush brushes applied a bit brusquely on it may cause a lot of fall-outs. Personally though, I think this is no biggie. By the by, go get your own Nyx blush if you want something that works and will not cause massive damage to your wallet. This is not widely available locally but I think there are a number of online stores that has these in their inventories. Moreover, you will have fun choosing from among the twenty-five shades of Nyx Powder Blushes that are available.


Timeless Confection said...

Hi!I love your template!And it's really nice to have discovered your post. About NYX, do you think it's available right here in Metro Manila?thank you so much!More power!

eMs said...

helo sis! thanks for dropping by my blog c: I've read in some online fora sis that may mga PX stores daw in some malls that carry nyx. but if wala talaga, you can go to hehe :P btw, wat nyx items are you interested in?