Monday, October 26, 2009

Stash Staple: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Compete UV Wateright Lotion

I used to be a non-user ( and a non-believer) of sunscreens. I’m not used to wearing one in all of my more than two decades on earth. The only time that I would be compelled to apply some is when I’m beachbound. Other than that, nada! Just plain moisturizer on my face. I was convinced that applying one is just another tedious process that would make my primping sessions all the more lengthy.
However, gone are those days. The turning point was when I saw a high school friend with age spots slowly appearing on her face. She said that she was advised by her derma to use sunblock regularly as her job is field-based. From then on, I had been slathering sunscreen all over my face and neck a good thirty to forty five minutes before going out. I browsed the GT forum and several blogs to help me decide which sunscreen to buy. I’m fortunate to have stumbled upon the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Compete UV Waterlight Lotion. I am liking this over the Nivea Facial Sunblock that I first used. I prefer this because unlike typical sunscreens, it does not make my face sweat like crazy. It does not feel heavy on the face too. In fact, I’d often forget that I’m wearing a sunscreen. It is also very easy to spread because of its watery texture that does not take too long to dry. Its finish is velvety making it ideal for daily usage. More importantly, it offers a broad spectrum coverage which makes it very effective against both UVA and UVB. It also makes use of its patented Helioplex technology which I understand would make it stable enough to protect against UV rays. For more about the benefits of using Neutrogena, read this.
Notice the sorta watery texture of this SB.
How it looks like after spreading
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Compete UV Wateright Lotion with Helioplex SPF 50+ PA+++ . 30 mL. 
Approximately Php 460.00 Available in leading dept. stores nationwide.
Directions: Use at the end of your skincare routine after moisturizer as a superior daily blocker. Suitable for use as a makeup base. Shake well Before use.
The only problem I have with using this ( well, for all sunblocks, in general) is that I would sometimes rub it on my eyes causing me to become teary-eyed. When I do, I’d end up rubbing my eyes all the more, removing also my eye makeup. But then again, this does not happen too often so it’s not a biggie. I am now about to finish my second bottle of Neutrogena Waterlight. And while I am pretty satisfied with this, I would very much like to try other brands as well. Care to give me any suggestions?  



Nina said...

When I'm through with my current sunblock I'll definitely give this a try because it's cheaper.

I'm currently using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100+. I love it because it isn't sticky and it really absorbs quickly!

PuRpLe PaTcH said...

Sis Nina, im also interested in trying the ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock. The waterlight is only 30 mL eh hence the cheaper price. Mas marami yata content ng ultra sheer. Hope Waterlight would also be hiyang to u. Loreal also has sunblocks that many beauty bloggers are raving about btw.

Anonymous said...

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