Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoom In On: Loreal Colour Fresco Cream Eyeshadow

Hello girls!

I’m sorry for being unable to post new entries lately. I’m currently undergoing a personal crisis. Hopefully, I’d be able to get past this and be able to make the right decisions to make things better.

Anyway, I will try to post new entries to get my mind off things that have been troubling me for days now.
     (swatch of Loreal Bubbly)
This is a review of the Loreal Fresco Crème Eyeshadow in Bubbly. I’ve had this since last year and I liked it so much that I used to have two to three back-ups of this. I acquired recently MAC Shadestick in Beiging and I can say that the former is a good and inexpensive dupe of the latter. I use this mainly as an eyeshadow base to make my e/s look more vibrant. Please note that my eyelids are not that oily too so what works for me might not necessarily work for some of you.
         (violet e/s of the Stila All Dolled Up Palette, swatch on top without base, swatch in the bottom with Loreal Bubbly) 
- gives a cool and refreshing feel some few seconds after being swiped on the lids
- creamy and relatively easy to spread and blend
- makes my e/s look more vibrant and longer-lasting
- some Ebay merchants sell this at an affordable price of Php 60
- available in a wide range of color
- works almost as well as the Shadestick without the exorbitant price
- tends to clump on the tube especially when exposed to humidity
- may not be available locally
- not so attractive to look at when used alone

Hope you find this review helpful. 
Thanks girls!  


makeupbaby said...

Hope your doin ok sis emily!
Love the swatches btw!