Friday, May 7, 2010

Zoom In On: Liole Blooming Pinky Tint

Generally, I prefer wearing powder blushes to cheek tints. However, when the weather is as crazy hot and humid as it is these days, powder blushes can get easily melted by the tons of sweat we make. This made me reconsider using cheek tints. For my first foray in this type of cheek color, I chose Liole Blooming Pinky Tint. This beauty has garnered several raves from makeup addicts and had been declared to be the equally (if not better) effective dupe of Benefit’s Posie Tint. It was out of the question for me to get the latter since I am not willing to spend more than Php 1,000 for a cheek tint since I was not even sure if they would be “hiyang” with me.
Liole Pinky Tint features a “nail-polish” type of applicator which I thought was funny at first. I could only imagine how funny I’d look to people who did not know better. They’d think I’m crazy putting nail polish on my cheeks. 
  • Has a bubblegummy scent that I love. The texture of the tint on initial application is thicker as compared to that of TBS lip and cheek tint (review to follow!).
  • Does not dry fast upon application making it easier to blend on the cheeks. 
  • Superb staying power (it stayed on my cheeks for more than 12 hours). 
  • Less expensive yet works as great as more expensive cheek tints.
  • Shows up on my cheeks after two or more swipes.
  • Smudges on my fingers (but can be easily removed by using a hand sanitizer). 
  • Can be really tricky to apply and blend especially for those who are new at using cheek tints.
  • Can be very inconvenient to use because of its packaging. 
  • Not sold locally. 
 Thanks chicas!


Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

the color looks so cute on you! =)

Shen said...

i like color. :) i should get this but i have waaay too much pink blushes. people kept giving them to me to! though i secretly wish they'd give me this! lol!