Monday, April 5, 2010

Thank You!

I know it sounds cliché but I never expected that this blog would have followers. As I post this, I already have 51 gorgeous followers. To all of you, super thank you! I am thinking of having a contest at the end of this month exclusively for my followers as my way of expressing my gratitude. By “followers”, I am referring to those who have already followed my blog even before the contest and not those who will be following me to be able to join the contest.

I’m thinking of giving away a blush from my favourite blush brand (check my posts to see what brand this is!) and some other makeup must-haves to a lucky follower. I have yet to iron out the mechanics and other details for this contest so stay tuned for that. I want this to be different from the usual blog contests. My BF is graduating from med school mid part of this month and we have plans to go OTT few days after that so I may have this contest launched end of this month or early next month.


Bea said...

hello! This is soo cool! :)
Thank you also for sharing with us your insights about MU's :)
Have a great day!