Monday, April 12, 2010

Pucker Up with Pink Lips!

I have read so many raves about MAC's Pink Nouveau Lippie. I learned that this is the favorite lipstick shade of Ruffa Gutierrez. In her weekly Phil. Star Beauty Column, my idol (lol!) , Lucy Torres-Gomez, also made mention of this MAC lippie. It is OOS all over Manila so I made sure to include this in my "to-buy" list when a friend went to the US last month. 
It is described as a "bright pink" in the official website of MAC. This is also Lady Gaga's favorite pink lippie and her eponymous Viva Glam Lippie was inspired by this. It has a "satin finish" but on me, it is kinda matte. It is a little drying too so I make sure to put some lip salve prior to applying this.
I actually loved this when I first wore it. I find, however, that its pinkish shade vanishes and turns into a darker rosey shade a few hours after wearing it. I don't know the reason for this but I'm deducing that it might be because I'm acidic. I also noticed that it wears off easily making me a little disappointed with it. Lately, I noticed that if I don't place any lip balm underneath it, it adheres better to my lips and lasts longer.

I'm not quite sure if I like this shade.My best buddy at work also told me that it looks weird on me lol. (Might be because she's not used to seeing me wear this shade of pink before).  Personally, I think it looks "bagay" on me but I dunno, maybe my judgement is influenced by the fact that I really want to love this. Anyhoo, this is something that you would not want to wear if you don't want to grab anybody else's attention. 
Here is a comparison swatch of Nyx Lousiana (left), MAC Pink Nouveau (middle), and Loreal Pure Pink (right). The latter is the one that I included in my Project 10 pan. Off topic, I so love this shade. Is there any MAC lippie shade that is close to this? Lemme know. 
Here are some pics of me wearing MAC Pink Nouveau in different lighting.
Thanks chicas!


Khymm said...

based on your pic the shade looks similar to my LA Colors lipstick in PInk parfait.. will have to check!

aww.. maybe your acidic nga.. bagay naman on you ah! =)

Pammy said...

It is pretty. Pink lippies can definitely make one look fresh and younger. Love it. :P

Askmewhats said...

I love this lipstick too! Just minus the drying factor, this shade is on the cooler side kaya medyo weird sa paningin ng ibang tao! But this photographs really well! and i can see it looks nice on you :D

icysunitz said...

R, it looks great on you. You have a fair skintone so it doesn't look weird on you. It looks almost same as pink pout. =)