Friday, February 26, 2010

Joining the BB Bandwagon!

I'm hooked! After 48 years, I was finally convinced (by dear friend Zai) to join the BB bandwagon. In fact, just this month alone, I was able to acquire enough BBs to last me years. 

Care to share to me your choice BBs sisses? I am presently loving Skin Food Peach Sake. I only have a sample of it. It is the one contained in the round plastic container. I'm getting a full-size soon. 


jehan said...

almost all skin food products break me out, even their skin care lines... of all the bb creams i've tried, i like innisfree the most. missha is okay too. i like VOV's bb cream too. in 2008, while i was enrolled under a 6-treatment diamond peel and make ups were not allowed, i showed my VOV bb cream (available at sm north edsa and trinoma) to my derma and she said it's okay to use it since it was also a sunblock already.. there are a lot of bb creams out there but i noticed that other companies just joined the craze too.. they actually do nothing but aggravate the face' condition instead of doing what they're supposed to do..